Westbahnstraße 28, 1070 Vienna

Project description: sophisticated residential area in the hip district of Neubau
Status: Completed projects


The sought-after location and the generous design of the apartments resulted in a successful marketing within a very short time, as well as in a quick positive conclusion of this project in accordance with the interest of the investors. We renovated and successfully sold the two apartments that were created.


When preparing the project itself, we make sure that any modification, upgrade or improvement to the existing condition is carried out in accordance with all modern building standards. The highest quality materials, modern design solutions and modern construction techniques guarantee that every square metre of your new home is used to the maximum and adapted to you.


This room offers everything a modern customer could wish for, regardless of lifestyle, age or interests. It is harmoniously integrated into its surroundings and has been designed to make the most of the location in which it is located and to create a balance between modern architecture and green spaces.

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